Our perimeter is protected by an appliance that does virus scan, IPS, and firewall but our interior network is a complete black hole.

IT Director
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What does it do?

- Monitors packets 24X7
- Learns normal traffic
- Alerts on anomalies
- Searches, reports, visualizes

What is it for?

- Threat detection in LAN
- Unruly users, policy violators
- Bad Traffic detection
- Misconfigured hosts
- unauthorized software
- Malware, spyware, worms

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- Interior network security
- Our product, nLive Core
- Our patent-pending technology

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Key highlights

- Monitors interior traffic 24X7; stores all connection info.
- Detects anomalous applications, hosts and users
- Produces reports, charts and dashboards
- Easy to deploy - uses self-learning technology
- Distributed architecture to cover enterprises
- Operates in real-time - detects issues in seconds

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