Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How do you safeguard our financial information?

    All financial transactions are through Paypal. Math Problem Solved will never get your financial information - so there is never any need or opportunity to store that information.

  2. If I register using Facebook/Linkedin/Twitter/Google accounts, won't Math Problem Solved get access to my Facebook/Linkedin/Twitter/Google accounts?

    No. These companies guard their accounts like the crown jewels. All Math Problem Solved gets is an email address you use with those accounts, and  that the email address is a valid email with said company.

  3. Ok - so can/will Math Problem Solved post on my behalf in my Facebook/Linkedin/Twitter/Google blog.

    No. See crown jewels above.

  4. What is the difference between Guest, Registered User, Customer?

    Guest will get a small sample of the problems & solutions that Math Problem Solved provides.

    Registered will have access to a greater sample of the problems & solutions that Math Problem Solved provides.

    Customer will have access to all the problems & solutions that Math Problem Solved provides. In addition, customers will have the ability to send problems and have them solved and put on the website (sorry - no private tutoring sessions).

  5. Why are the answers/hints not provided on a single page:

    The purpose of Math Problem Solved is to enable & encourage students to make an attempt to solve the problem, rather than just have it all in one place. The multiple steps allows for the student to follow along without just getting the answer.

  6. How many problems does the Math Problem Solved have?

    Too many to count - and growing.

  7. How does this compare against similar learning websites?

    The goal of all the learning websites is the same - to explain material in a manner that aids understanding and retention. Since the methodology is different, this should give a different read on the same subject material; and hopefully allow for "aha" moments to happen by looking at the explanations/solutions differently.

  8. How are problems chosen?

    We scour the earth for problems (quite literally). Our favorite: problems in competitive exams the world over.

  9. How are the solutions generated?

    All solutions/hints are generated by Math Problem Solved. This is math we are talking about - so the methods/solutions should be the same everywhere. For many problems however, there may be many ways to reach the same solution

  10. Are solutions "crowd-sourced" (solved by website users)" ?

    No. All solutions/hints are solved/proof-read by Math Problem Solved.

  11. How do I search for certain problems?

    Use the "Search" box to type characteristics of the problem ("Integral" vs "Differential" vs "Trig", and expressions in that: "cos", "sin", "arctan", "ln" etc.). That will return a set of problems which you can click.

  12. Why are the problems not classified according to the category/type of problem?

    The problems can be searched using the "search" above to get the category of problems, rather than creating a series of menus to label each problem.